Discover the easy and effective way to create and order custom printed packaging, with the streamlined platform that can help you get your message out clearly and quickly!


Having been in the printing and packaging industry over 2 decades, we noticed a steady and substantial increase in the demand for short run custom printed packaging. Most of the major printing companies focus on all the high volume orders. Since they are not set up to produce small orders efficiently, they tend to charge a hefty premium on short run orders.  If you’ve developed a new product and need eye-catching custom printed packaging, where do you turn?


Magenta Depot is comprised of a close-knit group of friends and family who have come together to provide solutions for the serious inefficiencies in the traditional printing process. These inefficiencies cause major increases in the cost of designing, ordering, production and distribution. Our vision is to utilize innovative technologies, along with the Internet in developing an online ordering system that conveniently allows customers to design their own printed items, order online and track those orders from anywhere, anytime. We can still provide top-quality printing, however this self-service approach eliminates many of the delays and problems found in traditional printing. This system offers a faster turnaround on top-quality printing at a far lower cost.


Armed with strong conviction, and solid printing experience, we are determined to bring our vision to life. We have now launched our fully automated online custom printing and packaging shop and invite you to participate. All of us at Magenta Depot are dedicated to providing our customers with amazing results. Our reputation in the industry will be built one customer at a time by taking the utmost care with each and every order, by putting customer needs front and center and by delivering on our promise of top-quality custom work, quick turnarounds at affordable prices. The digital age gives people more convenience and choice and we have taken full advantage of that by developing our innovative online system. We invite you to become part of our growing family at Magenta Depot.