custom printed pillow boxes wholesale in toronto and canada

Pillow Boxes

Magenta Depot’s custom-printed pillow boxes bring a unique appeal to your packaging. These boxes can be cut to your required size, designed, and printed using various printing methods. Pillow boxes are perfect for gifts at parties, weddings, and events. They are great for packaging medicines, jewellery, and beauty products.

custom printed handle boxes canada

Handle Boxes

Custom-printed handle boxes from Magenta Depot make it convenient to carry stuff around during moves, for shopping, and for storage. Cardboard handle boxes are perfect for packaging and transport across Canada. They can be customized and styled as required. Handle boxes are perfect for gifts, food items, baby products, candles, and more.

custom printed display boxes canada

Display Boxes

Display boxes help build your brand and attract customers to your products. Magenta Depot offers custom-printed display boxes to show your retail products on counters. Promote and sell your products across Canada by showing informative content on these versatile boxes, along with attractive designs and colour patterns.

custom tray and sleeve set packaging

Tray and Sleeve Sets

Magenta Depot’s custom-printed tray and sleeve boxes are a great option to highlight your brand. Our experts can generate creative layouts with flexibility in materials and finishes for you. These custom packaging boxes help keep delicate items like watches, food items, jewellery, apparel, makeup products, and much more perfectly safe.

bakery boxes toronto canada

Bakery Boxes

Our custom-printed bakery boxes help food businesses across Canada, especially bakeries, offer cakes, pastries, cookies, and donuts to their customers in attractive packaging. These easy-to-carry boxes are perfect for takeaways and for shipping your food products. Magenta Depot offers highly customized boxes as per your business’s needs.

custom printed premium packaging canada

Premium Packaging

Premium packaging helps luxury brands stand out in the age of Instagram. Magenta Depot’s custom-printed premium packaging helps businesses across Canada make a great first impression, gain new customers, and retain customer loyalty. This upscale packaging benefits online shoppers due to its superior brand experience.